In "The Greatest Story Never Told," you will discover . . .

a new universe story based on a novel Spirit-Science synthesis.

what universal constant joins and reconciles science and religion.

a simple mathematical ratio (Phi 1.618) the ancients called "God's building block" for the cosmos.

how going to heaven is vitally linked with how the heavens go.

the universal fingerprint (icon) of God found in nature and the cosmos, hiding in plain sight.

how Jesus revolutionized religion the way Edison did lighting, and Freud sex.

what the deep state doesn’t want you to know about UFO’s (UAP’S) and why, and its relationship to the new universe story (Spirit-Science synthesis).

the seven manifestations of Spirit that scientists, theologians, and academics don’t know about.

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how God can be everywhere at once.

how evolution is creating a new phylum of humans.

the value of seeing, over that of knowing and knowledge.

Sacred Geometry, and why it’s the key to discovering the Holy Grail of knowledge.

the sacred energy that joins inner and outer worlds.

the axis mundi, magnetic still point or "universal navel" from which all things emerge, and return.

an all-inclusive eco-theology of mankind and the earth.

the difference between religion, theology, and spirituality.

who sent the first selfie millennia ago, and why it matters now.

how to see the past and present from the future.

the second-coming of Nikola Tesla in our times.

why divinity is always found where least expected.

the arithmetic spiral and its role in human development, nature, and supernature.

who the greatest scientist-theologian of all times is, and why he died in obscurity.

the mysterious relationship between Spirit, matter, energy, and consciousness.

the unheralded physicist who recently solved Einstein’s field-equations.

how the Wizard of Oz narrative parallels the soul’s journey on earth.

. . . many more hidden secrets of the universe never before revealed!

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There is a unified field in the cosmos that holds everything together, and every discipline is a portal to it. Science calls it a field of fundamental forces and elementary particles. Religion calls it God and accepts it by faith as an impenetrable mystery. How can their historically divided perspectives be reconciled?

In The Ambient Christ, the author proposes a novel paradigm that explains their complementarity as a seamless unity. This innovative model provides a new story for an ailing and divided planet, and a viable solution to the holy grail quest.

"There is something too narrow and missing in the gospel as it is presented to us. In spite of appearances, our age is more religious than ever; it only needs stronger meat."
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by conventional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."
~Carl Sagan

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We live in an age hungry for a new universe story, a grand cosmology that reconciles the Creation Story with Evolution, and scientific understanding with religion. Such a narrative, if credible, would be nothing short of the mother of all cosmologies. Call it "The Greatest Story Never Told," a subtitle once considered for this book.

I like to think big thoughts. In the seventh decade of life, I find myself in what developmental psychoanalyst Erik Erikson called the Generative Stage, the next to last stage of psychosocial development. It is that phase of life when a person is inspired to contribute something of lasting value for the benefit of future generations. For a writer, that might involve offering clarity of vision and direction in some way to those who follow. I had one book in me, this one. This work is an offshoot of the vocation to which I have been called and gifted. Every experience in my life, and every encounter have in some way led to its making. Its content is not for everyone, though hopefully a few may find it relevant or enlightening. It is born of a passionate curiosity about the inner workings of things, whose origin is in deepest nature, the One (singularity) from which all multiplicity and diversity derive.

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In all division, argument, and conflict, all sides are usually dominated more by error than by reality. That is because the only reality that could be present, were it present, would prevent or resolve the conflict, dissolve the division, and end the argument. There could be no conflict if all participated in that reality and/or the focused intent to pursue same toward that end. Deficient by nature in the earnest pursuit of same, and less than comprehensive in understanding, most mortals attempt this by means of argument, each believing his idea is valid. Such a perspective is tantamount to looking at a tiny segment of reality through a soda straw, defining the whole via a limited perceptual field.

By observing all division and conflict over a lifetime, none more fervent than between religion and science, it became painfully obvious that said reality (the infallible) has yet to be substantively revealed to the other side. This book is an attempt to end that conflict, and all human conflicts where differences are preferred, sought, and defended over those of commonality, civility, and union.

While the grand synthesis proposed herein claims no infallibility, it points in the direction where its mysteries may be discovered in nature and supernature. It is the thesis of this book that both are far from divided. Rather, they are seamless interbeing realities hidden in plain sight, visible to eyes prepared to see them. Notions of the inherent interconnectedness and communality of all things are not new, they date to ancient times. What is new is the proposed synthesis herein that attempts to explain the “how” of their seamless unity.

Medievalists spoke of the “Great Chain of Being,” what is now referred to as the ecosystem, Egg of Life, or Circle of Life. The chain model is a hierarchy (or continuum), one that preserves the inherent dignity of all things which participate in the divine being in various ways, their center and source. That center is also their ground of coherence, holding all things together in an enchanted universe. This view holds to the notion that once the chain is broken, and just one link is not seen or respected as sacred, the vision of its individual sacrality, and place in the whole vision collapses. When divinity is not acknowledged in all things, the basis is lost for seeing it in anything. Absent that vision, and reality becomes merely one of private preferences, slanted perspectives, and prejudices with no common ground. As a result, the Cosmic Egg shatters.

Bonaventure, medieval theologian and prolific author of spiritual treatises wrote, “God is within all things but not enclosed; outside of all things but not excluded; above all things but not aloof; below all things but not debased.” If true, the origin, multitude, activity, and order of all things is the very fingerprint and footprint (vestigia dei) of the divine in creation. And in a way that joins all things to itself by a common universal interbeing element; no exceptions, science and spirituality included. This book delves into the mystery of that universal interbeing element in which all things consist and hold together. And with it the very definition of God, God-identity, and Spirit.

~Joe Masterleo

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Liz Petosa

Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2021

The Ambient Christ is an excellent read!

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Highly recommend The Ambient Christ, by Joseph Masterleo. This well researched work does a nice job connecting the Spirit of God through his words and scripture, with the science of light energy, quantum physics and the universe. The book does a wonderful job of relating the wholeness of the spirit world with the light, and electricity of the world of science. For those of you seeking a unifying way to connect science and a spirit world where Christ is everywhere, this book is an excellent place to start.


Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2021

The missing link to life

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Don't wait to order this your new life and understanding is waiting after reading this book Joe uses people we all know from history a must read.

David Bolton

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 24, 2021

Great buy!

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Absolutely loved this. A really great and fascinating read covering a multitude of perspectives all centered on the Ambient Christ.

Romuald Dzemo

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The Ambient Christ: The Inside Story of God in Science, Scripture and Spirituality by Joseph C. Masterleo is a book I have long wanted to read, only it wasn’t written yet. Finally it is here — a brilliantly articulated argument that reconciles science and faith, establishing the logical way in which one complements the other, and demonstrating that one does not necessarily imply the absence of the other. In this book, the author pulls the reader into uncharted waters as he explains the seamless connection between the visible and the invisible worlds, showing with convincing and logical arguments that there is a new synthesis that explains the unity of science and religion. Readers will understand the link between the biblical narrative of creation and science and evolution. This synthesis demonstrates that the material and the spiritual worlds do merge and proposes an intelligent solution to the mysteries of the incarnation and the secrets of the Holy Grail that have never before been revealed. That unity is Christ! There was a period in the Church’s history when the free spirit of scientific inquiry was systematically and ruthlessly stifled, and for centuries, science was considered as opposing religion. The dialogue between science and religion is a recent endeavor, one that was amplified by Pope John Paul II. This book is a giant leap in the direction of that dialogue and Joseph C. Masterleo comes across as a master in the field. The Ambient Christ is well-researched, filled with scientific and historical facts, and observations that are mind-boggling. The author does an impeccable job of uncovering trends and belief systems, capturing the religious climates of the different periods in writing that is fluid and excellent. Some of the observations in this book will have readers rethinking their approach to religion and science. The Ambient Christ: The Inside Story of God in Science, Scripture and Spirituality is a pioneering work that defines the spirituality of the future and establishes the place of Christ in that spirituality; it offers a fresh perspective in understanding the salvific mission of Christ as the unifying principle.

Vincent Dublado

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The Ambient Christ: The Inside Story of God in Science, Scripture, and Spirituality asserts that perception is everything. Before you say that this is another way to make science and religion come to terms, you need to carefully read through Joseph C. Masterleo’s arguments and proofs. The Western world has a falling out with theological views that trace as far back as the censorship of Copernicus and Galileo. With soft science as the foundation of his studies, Masterleo stresses that there is a widespread disconnect between heart and mind in the Western world, with the paradox that it lives culturally in a scientific age and religiously in the Middle Ages. This book seeks to discover a new cosmology, by finding a more understandable path among the established forces of scientific materialism, religious orthodoxy, and academic psychology. The essentials pertinent to the proposed model are assembled here. Don't easily assume that Joseph C. Masterleo’s studies will put an end to the debate between science and religion. What emerges in The Ambient Christ is a concentrated effort to reconcile two opposing fields. Given that not everyone is open to accepting the proposed synthesis of science and religion, Masterleo is quite persuasive, and he may well convince you to see it his way. For example, he gives credence to the mathematics of the Golden Ratio, which is a naturally occurring sequence of numbers that can be found everywhere—from the number of leaves on a tree to the shape of a seashell. This contains an essential unity behind all the diverse growth paths and patterns in creation. I can go on and on, but I strongly recommend you to read this book for yourself. In it are available clues that require openness to new ideas that may well reconcile science and religion.

Daniel D Staats

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Where did it all come from? What am I and why do I exist? How does all nature connect? Are spiritual reality and physical reality two distinct entities or different manifestations of the same force? Joseph C. Masterleo looks at these questions and more in his masterful book—The Ambient Christ. If you are looking for fluff and easy-to-digest reading, this is not the book for you. This book causes you to think about the very existence of matter. It requires you to consider new ways of understanding and thinking. You will want to put on your thinking cap as you delve into the mysteries of the universe and learn the theory of Electric Universe Theory (EUT). To me, this appears to be an extension of the Theory of Everything (TOE). Joseph links the spiritual and the physical through his studies and the theory of quantum physics. In The Ambient Christ: The Inside Story of God in Science, Scripture and Spirituality, Joseph C. Masterleo brings together the writings and studies of theologians and scientists. For too long, theology and science have been at odds with each other. Joseph reconciles these two fields by showing how they are linked and really are different viewpoints of the same existence. He sees everything as being able to be placed on a spiral continuum. He explains how everything exists as different vibrations of energy. He shares Nikola Telsa, Michael Faraday, Buckminster Fuller, and information from a host of other deep thinkers. Joseph leads his readers from the fundamentals of EUT to a better understanding of how everything in the universe links together and complements each other instead of fighting with each other. His theory, based on his work as well as the works of others, seeks to bring the universe back into harmony.

Ruth Williamson

Reviewed on January 4, 2024
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A groundbreaking work bridging the ancient and modern, religious and scientific, eternal and temporal worlds. Well worth the read, and price of admission.

Chris Muha

Reviewed on January 5, 2024
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A must read for science-spirituality synthesis buffs. Joe knows!

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About the Author

Joseph C. Masterleo, LCSW-DCSW, is a clinical social worker in private practice in Syracuse, NY and Rockledge, FL. His half-century of service in the mental health care field includes faith-based counseling, with an emphasis on psycho-spiritual integration. His subspecialty involves developing a novel paradigm for the synthesis of science, religion, and psychology, identifying the energy and geometric patterns that connect the quantum world with space-time. His model explains how spirit and matter can co-exist as two facets of one reality in a unified field, dissolving the walls of partition between previously siloed disciplines. Inspired by the writings of Thomas Merton (ecumenism), Teilhard de Chardin (synthesis), Thomas Berry (ecotheology), and others, his objective is to tell a new, future-looking story for the Ecozic Age, one that forms a connecting bridge between the biblical story of creation, modern science, and ancient cosmologies.

Manly P Hall was an esoteric philosopher and mystic who spent a lifetime studying the underlying principles of religion, philosophy, and the rise and fall of nations. A prolific lecturer, writer, and interpreter of many ancient writings, his best-known work is The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928). Hall died in 1990, but not before his monumental work, insights, and wisdom developed a cosmology of world religions, linking light (fire) as their common plasmatic core. Combined with modern physics, Hall's scholarly work helped lay the groundwork in religion for the advent of a novel Spirit-Science synthesis presented in The Ambient Christ, and with it a new universe story for our time. The video below summarizes Hall's religious synthesis, which the author proposes blends seamlessly with modern science into a unified whole, a postmodern cosmotheology.

Creating a science-religion synthesis and a new universe story involves coordinating the discoveries of modern science with ancient cosmologies and biblical texts. Studies in quantum physics reveal that what we perceive as material forms are slowed-down sound and light waves. Sound and light becoming form is also consistent with the Genesis account of creation, where on six successive days of creation God spoke, and what was spoken materialized (Gen. 1:3-26). Ancient cultures used the metaphor that the universe is a cosmic symphony singing a song to the creator. Such wisdom literature aligns with modern science, which supports the notion that the cosmos is indeed a mathematically precise symphony of vibrations. As in the video below, combining scientific and religious cosmologies allows for a greater story to be told.

“Two things inspire me to awe – the starry heavens above, and the moral universe within”
~ Albert Einstein.

There can be no new universe story without including the known facts on the planet’s best kept secret dating back thousands of years involving off-world beings and related interdimensional phenomena. This mystery promises to turn history, science, religion, and cosmology upside down, and require major challenges and modifications to every present and future unified model(s) proposed. The most intriguing part of the "greatest story never told" fits nicely into the author's novel spirit-science model. This highly controversial subject has yet to be forthrightly broached, to say nothing of being intelligently included in any proposed synthesis model thus far. In the author’s view, what makes this subject the most difficult for others to address, particularly in science, academia, and theology, involves overcoming part or all of four investigative obstacles -- fear, willful ignorance, irresponsibility, and denial, none of which are viable options in the spirit of truth, and free scientific investigation. One must begin by being informed on the most widespread government deception and disinformation campaign ever perpetrated upon the American public, aided by the press.

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Public officials cleverly evade it, and clergy faithfully bypass it. Scientific and academic communities timidly shirk it, and the media irresponsibly avoid it. As summarized in the closing pages of The Ambient Christ, you will discover the military-industrial and secret government cloak and dagger deceptions on this alarming national peril warned of by President Eisenhower over seventy years ago. And you will learn of its relationship to zero-point energy, supernatural (paranormal) intelligence, and advanced technology that off-world beings have mastered, and which global super-powers are in a race to access, develop, and weaponize for purposes of planetary domination and control. Said Vladimir Putin, “whoever controls the technology of the future controls the world.” The video below will begin to orient you to the very basics of this crucial global phenomenon that most scientists, academics, and clergy either don’t know about, deny, or avoid. All these have been caught smugly flatfooted in their narrow silos of knowledge, the bane of post-modern education and the age of specialization. Don't be caught unawares. You heard it here first. Forewarned is forearmed.

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