Joe's CV


Rockledge, FL 32955 | Forestport, NY 13338 | (315)-415-4880 |

EDUCATION: A.A. Humanities, Onondaga Community College, 1968 | B.A. Arts & Sciences, Syracuse University, major in Psychology 1970 | MSW Syracuse University, major in Clinical Social Work, 1978

CREDENTIALS: MSW, CSW, LCSW-R, DCSW, licensed to practice in Florida and New York

WORK EXPERIENCE: Psychiatric therapy aide, Hutchings Psychiatric Center, Syracuse, NY, summer employment 1967-70 inclusive | Psychiatric therapy aide, Adult In-Patient Unit (4B) SUNY Upstate Medical Center, 1970-78 | Acting Clinical Director, Administrative Consultant, Crossway Counseling Network, Syracuse, NY 2000-05 | Psychotherapist, private practice, Syracuse, NY 1978-2021 | Psychotherapist, semi-retired, practicing currently via telehealth

SKILLS: Individual, Marital and Family psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Christian Counseling, Clinical Consultation, Writing

PUBLICATIONS: Columnist, The Good Newspaper, Syracuse, NY, 2000-05 | Numerous editorials and commentaries, Syracuse Post-Standard, 2010-20 | Columnist, The Golden Spiral, 2018 | Book Author, The Ambient Christ, 2021

ACTIVITIES: fitness training, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, gardening, grandparenting, mentoring

PRIMARY INTERESTS: Studying integral theology, cosmology, and cosmotheology. Developing practical models of psycho-spiritual integration. Being the first to develop a viable paradigm for the synthesis of science and theology, one that connects inner and outer worlds, and forms a bridge between the biblical story of creation, evolution, and ancient cosmologies.